Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ideas: Building a Scheme Around a Single Fabric

Today we're going to discuss building a scheme around a single fabric! I've chosen Eye Drops in Dusk from Parisville by Tula Pink. It has a lot of different greens and some blues so it's a bit of a challenge for me. I need to get outside of my pink/gold/brown bubble! :)

To get started, pull the main colors out of the fabric. There are a lot of shades of purple, green and blue in this fabric. 

Again, as you're pulling fabrics, keep a few things in mind!

1. While pulling individual colors, be sure to grab a few Tone on Tone and Color + White prints!

2. When choosing prints with large and small accents, be thoughtful about the colors of those accents! Those accents shouldn't clash with the other colors in the scheme! In this case, we're working with cool colors, so you'll want to avoid warm colored accents (pink, yellow, red, orange)

3. Think about using a good mix of geometric and organic prints!

You can add two shades of plum that were the two main colors in the fabric.A bit of blue - purple. I also choose  green range of shades that were in the original fabric. I added more blue than the swatches to add a little more depth!I couldn't help but add some blue-green fabrics!

Finished! Some coordinating solids would be a nice addition as well!

 Source: In Color Order

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